Viceroy Grassland Subsoiler

(grassland subsoiler)
The Browns Viceroy Grassland Subsoiler is a tillage tool which will improve growth in all crops where soil compaction is a problem. Browns Viceroy Grassland Subsoiler can disrupt hardpan ground down to 560mm in depth.

Grassland is an important resource for the livestock farmer and maintaining high quality, low input and low cost grassland for grazing and/or grass feed is essential.

Excessive soil compaction impedes root growth and therefore limits the amount of soil explored by roots. This, in turn, can decrease the plant's ability to take up nutrients and water. The adverse effect of soil compaction on water flow and storage may be more serious than the direct effect of soil compaction on root growth.

In dry years, soil compaction can lead to stunted, drought stressed plants due to decreased root growth. Without timely rains and well-placed fertilizers, yield reductions will occur. Soil compaction in wet years decreases soil aeration. This results in increased denitrification (loss of nitrate-nitrogen to the atmosphere). There can also be a soil compaction induced nitrogen and potassium deficiency.

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