Slitmaster - Hydraulically Folding

(grassland aerator)
The Browns Slitmaster Grassland Aerator can help eleviate surface compaction by spiking the ground and opening up the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to enter the soil thus improving soil health and drainage.

Combine with a harrow attachment and/or seeder for a complete pasture rejuvenation solution.  The slitter can be front mounted to enable use with muck spreaders and/or other trailed machinery.

Grassland is an important resource for the livestock farmer and maintaining high quality, low input and low cost grassland for grazing and/or grass feed is essential.

Excessive soil compaction impedes root growth and therefore limits the amount of soil explored by roots. This, in turn, can decrease the plant's ability to take up nutrients and water. The adverse effect of soil compaction on water flow and storage may be more serious than the direct effect of soil compaction on root growth.

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